Visitors Online Reservation Arrangement

Visitors are welcome to play Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).

Online Registration Form

All players must pre-register online with a HKID card or passport in order to book tee-times online. Upon successful registration, online booking will be immediately accessible.  Minimum age of registration is 6 or above.
NOTE:  Golfers who are inactive for more than 5 years are required to re-register online.

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Golfers Identity

Hong Kong Identity Card – The prefix and first six digits, e.g. A123456(7) is A123456 or B123456(7) is B123456.
Passport – The full passport number (minimum 8 alphanumeric characters, e.g. 123456789).

Advance Reservation

Tee-times can be booked 7 days in advance from 3:00pm on the first booking day.  For example booking for Monday opens at 3:00pm the previous Monday.  Thereafter booking will be available 24 hours daily up to midnight the day before play.
A player can only book one round per day.  Players wishing to play a second round on the same day should contact reception after completion of their first round.
The player making the tee time reservation must be aged 18 or over.

Same Day Reservation

Walk-in visitors (with no tee time reservations) will be accepted on a standby/space available basis only.

Handicap Requirements

Handicap Certificate (issue date within one year) from all recognized Golf Clubs and Golf Associations.
Handicap Limit – Men (24 or under) / Ladies (36 or under)

Advance Cancellations

Golfers are reminded to cancel the tee time as soon as possible in order to provide opportunities for other golfers to make advance reservations.  Cancellations made after 6:00pm two days preceding the day of play will be treated as a late cancellation.

Registration at Reception

All golfers are required to register at reception at least 20 minutes before their reserved tee time with the following:

  1. HKID or passport
  2. Valid handicap certificate (for HKID card holders)
  3. Valid driving license (for golf cart users)

Player to report to the Starter at least 10 minutes before the scheduled tee time.


It is compulsory to hire a minimum of one caddie for 2 players, if available.  Caddie bookings can be made up to one hour prior to your scheduled tee time at the bag drop building.  Tipping of caddies is expressly prohibited.

Golf Carts

Available on the Old Course and Eden Course year round and may be available on the New Course during the summer season subject to weather and course conditions. Each cart may only carry 2 players and 2 sets of clubs.  Each flight may only take a maximum of 2 carts, however a 2 ball may only take one cart between them.  The driver of the cart must be over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license and is required to sign a declaration form at the time of registration.  Caddies are not permitted to ride on a golf cart and only certified caddies are permitted to drive a golf cart.

Single Players

Unfortunately single player advanced reservations will not be accommodated.  Walk-in will be accepted on a standby/space available basis only.  Player must give way to a game of any kind and has no standing on the courses.

Tee Time Reservation

Login player must be aged 18 or above.

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