Welcome to The Night Range at Hong Kong Golf Club

The Hong Kong Golf Club offers practice sessions on the night range in 30 minute intervals from 6pm until 10pm. These either start on the hour or half hour allowing players unlimited use of range balls during these time periods. We wish you an enjoyable practice session.

Rules & Regulations

Refunds will only be offered should there be a full light malfunction or if inclement weather is deemed to make play unsafe.

  • Players must show regard and etiquette for other range users
  • Hit balls only from the designated bay
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the club area
  • Hong Kong Golf Club dress regulations apply to the driving range
  • Any persons caught removing HKGC property, including range balls will be reported to the relevant authorities
  • Access bays from the rear so you do not cross another players bay
  • One player only in each hitting bay
  • Be alert of where you stand or walk, spectators must stay behind the line of beams to ensure a safe distance from the players swing
  • Players under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times
  • No players should enter the grass area in front of the hitting bays
  • Eating, drinking or smoking is not permitted in any of the hitting bays

Inclement Weather Policy

  • In the event of inclement or dangerous weather the driving range will close until it is deemed safe to continue

Night Range Status

Open – updated 06/06/2017 @ 11:00am

Driving Range Fees

30 minutes – unlimited balls $50
Rental Clubs (deposit of $200) $30

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)
18:00 – 22:00

Dress Code

Our dress code (please read) »


(852) 2679 1745
* Bookings can be made on the same day only from 9AM.
A valid credit card number is required for advance bookings.